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Welcome to the RPN Volunteer Guide. Here, we'll go through some of the basics of applying to help the team. If you have questions at any time, don't hesitate to reach out using the chat in the bottom right corner of the website.

This page is a work-in-progress. Please pardon any mistakes.

Spooky Forest

Chaos and Shadow - Seeking Help

As listeners know, Chaos and Shadow started with humble roots as a weekly podcast covering topics of high strangeness that piqued our interests. After less than one year, the show has blossomed to over 10,000 downloads and has featured guests from some of the most renowned occult societies and programs. 

What We Need



Are you someone who loves to organize events, interviews, and content schedules? 

Help manage projects, book guests, and expand our network!

ghost (1).png


Love chasing the phenomena in real life?

Help us tell your story by becoming an RPN correspondent. Work with our team to tell your story via the podcast and blog.


Graphic Design

Do you have an eye for the aesthetic? Do you enjoy drawing, designing, or creating?


Help us bring visions to life on the webpage, blog, and YouTube.


Writing & Blogging

Do you love writing? Is communicating with a digital audience your thing?

Help us stay on our A-game by writing for our blog or social media accounts. We welcome guest bloggers.

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Do you yearn for the most obscure of texts? Do you find yourself spending hours studying the weird?

Help us research content for Chaos and Shadow and other shows across the network!


Audio Editing​

Does every little audio dip send shivers down your spine? Are you that person that spends hours in the editing bay?

Help improve our audio game by editing shows for RPN.

Apply Here

IMPORTANT: Before applying, please know that volunteer positions are given on a per-need basis. Volunteers will receive credit on the appropriate project upon successful release. Credit will typically be in the way of written attribution and may also include verbal shoutouts in podcasts where appropriate. 

Apply for the Team
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Thanks for submitting!


Joining the RPN team is on a volunteer basis. Compensation will be provided in the form of credit on projects and potential features on the blog.


Volunteers do not speak on behalf of the Revelator Podcast Network, its podcasts, or its hosts. 

RPN team member status can be revoked at any time for inappropriate or unsatisfactory conduct. 

Any files or information shared with you via any RPN groups or circles is considered confidential.