Welcome to the Revelator Podcast Network. Since I was a teenager, it was my dream to create a place to share my weirdness with high strangeness. If you're considering becoming a member, please know how important your contribution is to this network and dream. As a full-time creator of podcasts, it is a labor of love. Your support - financial or through word-of-mouth - means the world to me and my dog, Louie.

Thank you for supporting RPN.




Membership FAQ

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Founders Birthday Gift!

We're celebrating Geoge's birthday this July with special birthday gift boxes being mailed to members that are at the Founder role for May and June! The billing must take place in that window to qualify! If you're late to the party, no worries. Message us and we'll get you sorted.

It's a great time to become a Founder since the role is going away this August! 

Why is Revelator Podcast Network looking for funding?

Kyle Dempster is a 100% independently funded, full-time content creator. Until the start of COVID, he spent his days creating 8-hour live streams five days a week. Since the pandemic, he was forced to change direction. This gave way to an amazing opportunity - a chance to return to his original love - podcasting.


Where does my money go?

This money goes to hosting our website, paying for subscription services that aid in digital production, and real-life bills (rent, healthcare, dog care, food, electricity). You are truly helping this business continue being what it is! 

What values do the hosts hold?

The Revelator Podcast Network, its hosts, and its listeners put love first. Our society promotes a safe and welcoming place. We openly stand against bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, and any other behavior that aims to diminish people. We do not tolerate this kind of behavior from anyone associated with our community.


Why we host our membership here vs Patreon:

  1. Your information is stored securely.

    1. By avoiding popular subscription sites, we have fewer parties handling your information.

    2. You come here, subscribe, and pay with Stripe or PayPal.

    3. The C&S team doesn't see your card or bank information.

  2. 100% of your contribution goes to building the podcast!

    1. Did you know sites like Twitch take 50% of your subscription you give to a streamer?

    2. With our self-hosted membership, we get the full amount (Then pay taxes on that)


Accessing Bonus Audio

Bonus audio is handled via a company named Glow. Look for an email with "RPN Bonus Feed" in the title

RPN Glow Email