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Living in the south this time of year can be a little bit nerve-wracking. It is storm season. During this season we watch each thunderstorm wondering what degree of severity it will bring. This could mean anything from heavy rain, flooding, high winds, hail, and even dangerous tornados. No matter where you live you should always be prepared for weather events but as magickal practitioners, we can always do more to protect ourselves and our homes.

In addition to this spell, you should always check your home for any structural preparations for weather events. The beauty of this spell is it can be used any time of the year. ***So, if you live somewhere prone to heavy winter storms but the rest of your year is mild this might be best to refresh the spell energies before winter hits.

There are a couple of ways to work this storm protection spell. If you are a witch who enjoys working with deities, there are several storm deities you could reach out to such as Zeus from the Greek pantheon or my personal favorite Thor from the Norse pantheon. You can always do reach out to a different god of storms if those do not suit you. Any other storm deity will do for this working. No matter who you choose I would recommend having an offering ready in addition to the items needed for the spell. If I have already done the spell and set up my protection wards, I often will light a candle in their honor and ask them to bless my wards before there is a big weather event forecasted.

As I have said in previous workshops and podcast episodes, I enjoy keeping my spells and rituals simple so that any practitioner of any level can do them with confidence.

Watch me do the spell:

For this spell, allow yourself at least an hour to do all the steps and time for the meditative focus and energy building of this spell.

Items Needed:

  • One small white or black candle.

  • White or black salt

  • Dried Rosemary and Cinnamon

  • Sigil of home and storm protection


  • Sage or rosemary and lavender bundle or loose incense to cleanse your home. Or my Cleanse and Restore Blend available in my shop.

Altar Setup:

  • Set up your altar by placing your candle in a fire-safe container.

  • Place your paper with your sigil under the candle container.


If you are doing a cleansing of your house in addition to this spell, I recommend doing the cleansing before doing this spell. It is better to do the spell with no residual negative energies.

Once you are done cleansing, light your candle on your altar.

Sprinkle the salt, dried rosemary, and cinnamon in a circle around the candle.

Focus your energy and visualize a shield or bubble around your home and land. Once you have the visualization say:

This land and home are safe from harm and any ill intent. Mishaps and misfortunes are kept at bay. My shield is strong and shelters from all bad weather and harm. I form a bond of protection around this space making it a safe haven for all who dwell in it. This space is full of good energy, peace, and happiness. Our home is secure and blessed.

So mote it be.

I highly recommend spending some time at this point focusing on your shield and reinforcing it.

Let the candle burn down completely.

After you complete this take more of the salt and herb mixture and sprinkle it around the exterior of your house. If you live in an apartment you can put the mixture into small spell bottles and hang them in the corners of your apartment, if you do not feel comfortable walking around the whole building. On the four main exterior walls of your home draw the sigil with your finger and charge them with the same shield energy. These act as another layer of protection for your home.

As the seasons change so does the weather. I do recommend doing this spell once a year usually in the spring and as the seasons change take some time to go back into that meditative focus and reinforce your shield and wards.

This is my storm protection sigil. You are free to use it, but I do recommend you creating your own, it will be much stronger.

Once you are finished please remember to dispose of your spell ingredients ethically. Your salt and herb mixture can be spread out in front of your door or around your home outside.

If you can recycle the candle wax do so. If you can recycle the candle container also do so. Remember to check with your local recycling center to be sure.

Thank you for joining me for another spell, I will see you all next week. Stay safe everyone and remember to spread love like fire.








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