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Right now, we see so many in the world suffering from the stress of the state of the world and so many other factors. Often our stress and worries continue to run through our minds, and it impacts how we sleep, which then adds more stress to our lives.

I can not count the numerous nights where my brain was, as I like to say, “wired for sound.” My thoughts, worries, and my lengthy to-do list would race through my mind and would make sleep virtually impossible. Many times, I would toss and turn or scroll on an app on my phone until my brain finally grew exhausted enough to sleep. Even then some nights this still would not be enough to quiet my mind. So, I developed a meditative practice to help guide me into a state ready for sleep.

This guided meditation is that practice. In this meditation, I will guide you into a relaxed state that will allow your mind and body to prepare for sleep. Often, we store our stress and tension in our body, and in this meditation, you will bring focus to those points to breathe through the release of that tension.

You can listen along with the meditation on your favorite podcast player.

If you prefer to watch it, here is the video version of the meditation.

I recommend that you do the meditation right before bed or while lying down in bed.

I hope that you enjoy this meditation and may you sleep wonderfully.

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