SEB: Update 3.0 brings big changes! Dev Diary 205 Recap

Hey gang! Welcome to what might be the start of Stellaris Emergency Broadcast show notes. I hope this outline will help some folks following along with the latest episode!

On today's episode, we break down Dev Diary 205 and share our excitement for many of the new systems. We also spend some time talking about further UI improvement on top of the awesome adjustments coming to the Outliner.

Links mentioned

  1. Stellaris Dev Diary #205: Announcing the 3.0 'Dick' Update | Paradox Interactive Forums

  2. Stellaris Dev Diary #206: Directing Nemesis | Paradox Interactive Forums

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From 205:

  • 3.0 Name

  • Major Features

  • New Intel system

  • Reworked First Contact

  • Reworked Pop Growth

  • New Industrial Districts & some changes to the production of Alloys/Consumer Goods

  • New Espionage system & Gather Intelligence Operation (other Operations will be a part of Nemesis)

  • Numerous bug fixes & improvements

  • Espionage Update

  • Changes since the last Dev Diary

  • “Based on playtesting and qualitative feedback, we simplified a few of the systems that seemed to be adding unnecessary complexity or were difficult or awkward to understand”

  • The way Encryption, Decryption, and Counter-Espionage all interacted were one of these points of frequent confusion, so we decided to scrap Counter-Espionage entirely, renamed Decryption to Codebreaking, and apply standardized rules when using them:

  • “Early iterations had a more active defense, but Counter Espionage felt more like an Envoy tax than an enjoyable experience.” - Eladrin, Jan 14, 2021

  • Encryption is always used as "Espionage Defense"

  • Codebreaking is always used as "Espionage Offense"

  • “As part of this streamlining, we've removed the concept of spy power and bandwidth, so it's no longer possible to run multiple simultaneous Operations on a single Empire simultaneously - you'll have to run them one at a time.”

  • This change also alleviates a problem we had where it wouldn't always be immediately perfectly clear which mission random events were affecting, so the "mental burden" of running Operations is lower.

  • “Infiltration speed is scaled by a modifier based on the target empire's size. Larger empires are easier to build a spy network in. (Which also means that you'll be able to recover from an operation faster against a sprawling opponent.)” - Eladrin, Mar 18, 2021

  • First Contact Update

  • Early hostilities can now lead to pre-contact conflicts as well. If you anger a neighboring alien civilization, there’s the chance that they will come and visit you.

  • More aggressive empires like fanatic purifiers or devouring swarms are also less likely to take your encroachment into their lands very kindly early on.

  • Pop Rework

  • Growth change

  • Kyle - pop movement changes thoughts

  • Industrial Districts

  • Outliner Update

  • Change planet view (sequence)

  • Icons can be swapped

Final Thoughts:

  • "You'll run into a couple of issues as no-one in the galaxy will have industrial districts to produce alloys, but if you want to use console commands to fix every empire in the galaxy, the save should load. I wouldn't recommend this though. - Alfray Stryke (QA)"

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