Promoting Health and Growth Ritual

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

At the start of the new year, we often seek out new goals and fresh starts for the coming year ahead. I speak in detail about setting good and attainable goals in my post, New Year Opportunities. Whatever your goal may be sometimes we wish to further it along with a magical push.

This spell is designed for just that, to promote good health, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual. This spell is also designed to promote growth, it may be growth in knowledge, growth in spirituality, or growth in your life in various areas.

The spells we bring to you are to be starting points. I encourage each of you to shape them with your intents, wills, and items you bring to foster your work. They can be as gentle as sitting down to focus your intent and will out to the universe of as intricate with a full ritual or spell box of your creation.

If you would like to keep it simple the following items are not necessary at all. If you wish to do a small candle spell all you will need is a candle. The remaining items that are listed are items you can use if you wish not all are needed and they are merely suggestions to aid in your magic.

Items for the spell:


Only one is needed. You may use more if you wish.

  • White – Universal, Cleansing

  • Blue – Promoting Health, Meditation, Tranquility, Peace, Wisdom

  • Light Green – Healing, New Beginnings, Cleansing

Herbs (Optional):

These are good suggestions for herbs you can use if you wish but you do not need all of them.

  • Lavender – Promoting Health, Peace, Longevity of Life, Tranquility, Happiness

  • Peppermint – Promoting Health, Love, Divination

  • Rose – Promoting Love, Promoting Health

  • Rosemary – Promoting Health, Promoting Mental Power, Purification, Removing Negativity

  • Sage – Self Purification, Promoting Healing, Wisdom, Cleansing

  • Sandalwood – Success, Meditation, Promoting Health and Growth

  • Nettle – Renewal, Promoting Health

  • Cedar – Promotes Health, Promotes Strength, Luck, Success

  • Cinnamon – Promotes Health, Meditation, Increases Spirituality, Success, Luck, Strength, Prosperity

  • Frankincense – Promotes Mental Clarity and Positive Emotions, Promotes Health, Promotes Self – Control

  • Rosehips – Promotes Health, Good Luck, Promotes Love

Stones for Healing and Growth (Optional):

These are good stones to use if you wish but you do not need all of them.

  • Clear Quartz - Universal

  • Rose Quartz – Promotes Health and Love

  • Obsidian – Removes Negativity

  • Jasper – Provides Support, Promotes Confidence

  • Tigers Eye – Protects from Self Doubt, Promotes Balance

  • Amethyst – Promotes Health, Promotes Purification, Promotes Spiritual Wisdom

  • Bloodstone – Wards Off Negative Energies, Promotes HealthvHowlite – Promotes Transformation and Growth

  • Moss Agate – Promotes New Beginnings, Promotes Positivity, Promotes Positive Attraction Energy

Pen and Paper for Sigils (Optional)

Light the candle and say:

With this candle, I start a spark of life within myself and my world. May the warmth of its flame be like the sun’s rays urging vibrancy and growth in all aspects of my body and life. May vitality spring forth like the first buds on a strong tree after a long winter. I will forth positive and vibrant health and growth. Each step I take forward will be filled with the abundance of life and bring forth strong roots of growth in all aspects of my body and my world.

Take a moment and close your eyes to visualize what areas of your life you would like to promote health and growth in. See and feel the warm rays of the sun gently warming you and the world around you. See yourself connecting to the abundant energies of the earth. Feel the energy of the earth and the sun reaching within you promoting vitality and abundance. If you are seeking growth in a different area of your life see it before you. See it began to blossom with growth and positivity. As you see this abundant and rich place develop around you, take a moment to put it in your memory. Let this be a place of healing and sanctuary that you can return to in your meditations as you need.

After a few moments of being in this place gently come back to your place in the here and now. Gently open your eyes.

Feel the energy around you and say as you send your will into the universe to be manifested:

So mote it be.

If you can let the candle burn down. If you are using a large candle you can let it burn for an hour or two before snuffing out the flame, I recommend doing the spell over several days until the candle has completely burned down. Once it has finished, clean up your altar disposing of any natural ingredients outside and any unnatural ingredients through recycling or proper disposal with a grateful energy for their help.

If you are doing this ritual without a candle. Just remove the wording in the spell regarding the candle. This spell is still useful without any of the tools above.

On Sunday, January 17, 2021, we will be doing this spell together live on Facebook. We would love for you to join us!


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