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Welcome to the wonderful crooked path of enchantment and learning!

I remember when I first started out on my path, I felt a bit unsure where to begin. Witchcraft is wonderful with all its small winding paths that lead us through the realms of learning and knowledge. Below is a list of some of the amazing resources I highly recommend to all new practitioners (and even experienced ones). This list will be ever-changing and growing as I find new things that are perfect for this list.

Many of the books and shops I am recommending here are from authors and creators I trust and have been well vetted.

I do have a quick PSA though:

Remember witchcraft is a practice. This means we should always be ever seeking and growing in our practice and on our path.


When it comes to getting supplies for your craft, it may be much cheaper for some to use amazon vs. shopping locally. I do recommend shopping locally if you can, it is always much better to support local businesses. If you live somewhere there is not a local witchcraft supply shop, you can always shop online or even head to your local supermarket. Most supermarkets carry tealights and kitchen herbs that work perfectly for magical uses.

If you are someone who likes and can grow your own herbs, I recommend it. This a great way to form a bond with your herbs and stock your magical cabinet.

The beauty of witchcraft is the tools are not needed. Yes, they are wonderful and nice, but ultimately all magic comes from you. They are simply tools, they aid you, but the power comes from you.

Here are a few of my favorite shops:

This is my shop. I make and sell incense blends for various magical uses.

I also help supply items in this shop right here on the network website. Kyle also does made-to-order candles in there.

This shop belongs to the awesome Devin Hunter. He supplies pretty much anything you could possibly need. You can also connect to his classes through his site as well.

This shop belongs to the wonderful Michelle Belanger. She has a few incense blends, all her books, her tarot deck, and her classes.

Azure Green is a great all-around resource for pretty much anything you could need. They are quite large.

I will continue to update this document as I find more information for new witches. If you would like me to add anything, please let me know.

One last bit of wonderful knowledge I can share with you. Please always check your sources of information. In the list above I have read all the books myself and vetted each of the sources. If you are getting any information from any social media site such as Tiktok, Tumblr, Pinterest, or anywhere else, go research it. Make sure you can vet it 100 percent from multiple sources. If you cannot, do not trust it. The books above are wonderful sources for vetting any information about the craft.


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