INTERVIEW: Michelle Belanger on the Nephilim, House Kheperu, how one can ethically investigate

Updated: Mar 23

Hey gang! You may remember that in October, we sat down with Michelle Belanger to talk about elementals and how they can be mistaken for demons. Now she's back to talk with us about House Kheperu's inception, what it was like talking about the Nephilim with our friend Devin Hunter at Modern Witch, and about her upcoming appearance at Laura Tempest Zakroff's Awakening Persephone event on Saturday, April 24.

Michelle is an author, psychic and occult expert, presenter, singer, and media personality. We first discovered her on A&E’s Paranormal State and later on Travel Channel’s Portals to Hell. She captivated us further during her presentation of the Hidden History of the Occult at Greg and Dana Newkirk’s Phenomenacon.

Bonus Audio airs Wednesday

With a full 59 minutes packed into this week's main episode, Michelle was kind enough to let us pick her brain further! In honor of MS Awareness Month and as a celebration of our amazing viewers that keep this show running, we're pleased to present you with an extra 40 minutes of content airing this Wednesday exclusively for members!

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On our bonus episode, we talk about the dangerous and ethical rigor of studying the "Ancient Alien phenomena", the difference between Remote Viewing and being an active participant, and more much!

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