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House Kheperu Virtual Gather 2020 | A Review

We were invited to attend the House Kheperu Virtual Gather hosted by Michelle Belanger on December 19, 2020. This wonderful event only lasted one day but was packed full of amazing information and magical experiences.

Michelle opened the event by warmly welcoming everyone and introducing us to Oni. To prepare everyone for this magical day, Oni began to guide us through a beautiful grounding exercise and breathwork session. This practice allowed us to let the hecticness of the outside world fade away into the ether and allowed us to be present and willing to learn from the experiences ahead.

Listen to Kyle's mini-review of House Kheperu's Virtual Gather 2020.

After Oni had finished Michelle returned to lead us in the opening ritual. This ritual helped in the formation of a meeting space in the astral by forming an astral temple together. Being a practicing hedge witch who started as a Wiccan this ritual had similar aspects to group rituals I had experienced in the past, but in many ways, it was quite different. Before the ritual began Michelle explained the various roles of the ritual so that each of us could participate in one of them. The ritual was opened to allow us to connect to the knowledge that was presented and to each other so we could learn together. Despite the ritual being done virtually, it was still an amazing relationship of ceremony and astral connection, with the resonating message of “Seek your own truth.” I am thrilled that I got to take part in this magical moment.

Once the ritual had concluded, we were now prepared to take part in each of the upcoming panels and workshops. The first panel was Is Kermit a God? Chaos and Pop Culture Magic 101. When I saw this panel on the list, I was hesitantly curious, but when I was watching the panel I was completely blown away. The panel was led by Lydia and Gabriel Strange-Wood, practitioners of chaos magic and pop culture magic. They are often asked ‘what is chaos magic?’ Chaos magic is simply described as “everything and nothing at the same time. It is fluid. Chaos magic helps you grow by pushing your boundaries.” Pop culture magic on the other hand was something unheard of for me until they described it, “Pop culture magic is replacing the old gods with actors, characters, and modern ideals.” Upon combining the two of these practices one can then ask, is Kermit a God, had he become a thoughtform? The panel opened my eyes to a different way of thinking and how we look at our modern idols and beliefs.

After the panel, we got to sit down for a wonderful incense making workshop with Shawn Hebert. Together we got to make two types of magical incense, an energy clearing incense and a magic enhancing incense. Though I already make my own incenses, it was wonderful to sit down and learn different ways of working with resins, oils, herbs, dried fruits, and wine from another practitioner. One of the best takeaways for me was learning to freeze your resins such as copal or frankincense so they do not get sticky when you grind them up. Shawn also said using a spice grinder or coffee grinder is wonderful for breaking up large pieces of resins. Workshops like these are always wonderful to attend no matter your skill level. They always have something wonderful to teach.

After we finished making our incense together, we were rejoined by Michelle, Truman, and James Michael for the House Kheperu Panel Discussion. They opened the panel by talking about the various ways this year and the pandemic has affected them energetically and how they have had to adapt. They also spoke about the different energetic needs that the pandemic made them realize they needed to keep in balance. This panel was wonderful to remind all of us that we need to check into our energetic connections and keep everything in balance to prevent stagnation or energetic depletion. No matter what you practice it was valuable advice for everyone during a complicated time.

After the discussion panel, we were introduced to Fred, Ges, and Puck who presented the wonderful panel Practical Telepathy Training: A 3 Year Retrospective. This panel was a wonderful perspective into the world and training of telepathy. They discussed the popular myths and what Hollywood has led us to believe telepathy is and some of the ways to practice and develop it. For me, this panel was quite interesting since it investigated some of the magical and scientific ways to develop this practice. Whether you are a believer in the practice or not it was quite fascinating to learn how the mind can be trained. It was a wonderful and eye-opening experience to learn about telepathy.

The next workshop was such an amazing experience to attend, All the Small Things: Matchbox Shrines 101, hosted by Abri. “Matchbox Shrines are small, personal magickal workings that can be created for a myriad of uses. They can be created as portable altars, sacred spaces, or for specific work along our unique path. Some examples of Shrine might be past life work, dreamwork, a shrine to a specific god or goddess, or a portable meditation space.” During the workshop, Abri showed us one way to make a matchbox shrine using a cigar box. These types of shrines are wonderful for those practitioners who are unable to be open about their practice. These boxes can keep your alter space hidden in plain sight and are still small enough for travel. Anything can be placed inside of them for use and charged with sigils to create a place of power. While I have made similar items before this was a wonderful experience to learn new and different ways to use these types of shrines.

One of the final panels of the day was a live recording of That Spooky Life podcast with the host Miranda. On Miranda’s podcast, she shares paranormal experiences from her own life and paranormal stories from friends and listeners to her show. She started by sharing one of her experiences before she moved on to share several of the stories her listeners had submitted to her specifically for the gather. This was a fun time to relax and enjoy the paranormal stories after a day filled with knowledge and crafting.

After the podcast recording, the Kherete Work Group began to perform the Ritual: Night of Immortal Stars. This ritual was similar to a Yule ritual yet wonderfully different. The ritual was opened like the opening ritual at the beginning of the day. The ritual spoke of connection and guiding ourselves through the darkness into the light within ourselves. One of the wonderful takeaways from this ritual is the connection to each other and reminding ourselves that we are all connected as a constellation of stars together. Each connection reminds us and each other that we are not alone in this darkness. The ritual was powerful and emotionally moving as we close out a year of tribulation and trial.

Finally, to close out the day Michelle joined us again to close out the ritual. In the opening ritual, Michelle asked all of us for one question or intention we were seeking during the day. For myself, I came into the gather with the intent to gain new knowledge and new experiences, and I did. My intents and expectations were blown away by the entirety of this gather.

This year has presented us we so many challenges and yet this gathering is simply a wonderful example of how we have grown and adapted to those challenges. Being a virtual gathering it was even more wonderful for those who were not able to normally travel to still be able to attend such a wonderful event! My review of this gather is an A+ rating! So much knowledge was presented and yet every moment seemed more magical than the last. Each panel and workshop was warm and inviting, yet packed full of information. I am so excited to take the information that was received and apply it to my own practice. There will be more House Kheperu gatherings in the future and I do hope that all of you consider joining for the next one, whether it be in person or virtually, it will be a magical experience you will not want to miss.

If you would like to know more about House Kheperu explore their website and Michelle Belanger's books. https://www.kheperu.org/home-1

If you would like to know more about Michelle be sure to listen to our interview with her. https://www.chaosandshadow.com/post/interview-michelle-belanger

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