Guilded, Livestreams, and the future of RPN streams

Hey gang! No Chaos and Shadow today due to scheduling conflicts, but I'm dropping by to give another mini-update about the network. I hope this communication is to your liking! I've been enjoying writing the posts. It feels like I get to chat with everyone more often.

There will still be a bonus audio episode this Wednesday for members! Maybe give out some free memberships for people to access and play around!

As we were...

We've recently decided to consolidate RPN communications on the Guilded app! If you've used Discord before and loved the layout, I know you'll love their improvements. If you hated Discord, give Guilded a try because:

  1. They actually respond to help tickets

  2. They have much improved about what Discord gave up on years ago

  3. Once their live streaming feature (similar buy improved from Discords) goes live, we'll be doing our member-only streams there!

Members, we'll make sure you get a corresponding rank to match your tier on the website!

It's super easy to join, head over to and fill out the quick application off the top: social media handles, podcasts, you like, are you a member. 3 easy questions! Then you're in and able to assign yourself a role for the shows you enjoy. That way, you aren't getting any irrelevant notifications.

I have two helper posts set up for those joining the server. The first will help you get the roles you need to access the groups you want to be a part of! The second takes you two the forum post with more tips like how to pop out chat windows.

That about brings this mini-update to a close. I hope you enjoyed the video and had a safe weekend. New Chaos and Shadow bonus episode this Wednesday with a FLATWOODS MONSTER episode next week!

PS: I've got a newsletter in the works so make sure you subscribe!








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