Free, Mini-Charity - Support Feeding America by Reviewing Our Shows

Hey gang! I noticed that Podchaser, a podcast review platform we use, is running a charity that takes almost no time or effort.

This post can also be found on our hangout spot, Guilded!

Example of the Chaos and Shadow page (link below).

"We’ll be donating 25 cents to Meals on Wheels America’s Go Further Fund for EVERY podcast and episode review left on Podchaser in April 2021! We’ll also DOUBLE the donation amount anytime a podcaster replies to a review!
Listeners, no pressure, but you have the most important job! Every time you review a podcast or episode on Podchaser, we donate 25 cents. That means the more shows you review, the more money we donate."

Simply click on our podcast links below and leave a review. Each review you leave will donate $0.25. You can have Podchaser donate $1.25 for free just by reviewing our five shows. Click below:

  1. Chaos and Shadow:

  2. Kyle’s Communist Book Club:

  3. Kyle’s Valheim Bulletin:

  4. Pagan’s Witchy Corner:

  5. Stellaris Emergency Broadcast:

Let us know if you have any questions at all by using the chat button on the bottom right of the website. We'll be in touch!

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