February Interview Preview

February is on the horizon, and we're kicking things back into full swing with fantastic interviews guests!

Devin Hunter, author of "The Witch's Book of.." series & host of Modern Witch podcast.

First up, Devin Hunter, author and host of the Modern Witch podcast, is joining us for an interview that will air on Friday, February 5. We're so excited to talk with him about the podcast, his books, and more!

Later in the month, we'll be airing an interview with Connor J. Randall & Karl Pfieffer of Hellier and Spirits of the Stanley, set to air on Friday, February 19!

Pagan and I want to pass along another massive thank-you to all of our interviewees for allowing us to pick their brains and share their magic with the world.

Connor Randall (left) and Karl Pfeiffer (right) of Hellier and Spirits of the Stanley.

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Finally, if you'd like to submit questions for the guests, drop us a line here. Let us know which interview your questions are for!

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