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Mysteries of Chaos and Shadow is a weekly paranormal podcast hosted by Kyle Dempster and Brittany "Pagan" Adkins.

Together we are two kindred souls seeking out all things paranormal. We give a voice to the unsung stories of ghosts, spirits, and entities. We hunt the wild and mysterious stories of cryptids, UFOs, and ultraterrestrials. Together we seek out the truth of the mysteries of chaos and shadow.

Individually we have been diving into the realms of the paranormal through investigations, research, and exploration. Now we have come together to explore these cases and stories from around the globe. Together combined with your help, we seek to bring light to the stories that may have never been told, and we bring new perspectives to legendary and unknown cases alike. 


Chaos and Shadow is available for download at:


Bonus Audio is available to RPN Members of the Supporter tier and higher. Make sure to look for an email from Glow shortly after subscribing. 

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