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What is the Revelator Podcast Network?

Revelator Podcast Network (RPN) is home to the paranormal podcast Chaos and Shadow, a blog about high strangeness, and our shop. As of 2021, we additionally host Kyle's Valheim Bulletin, Kyle's Communist Book Club, Pagan's Witchy Corner, and Stellaris Emergency Broadcast. 

Mission Statement: 

Kyle and Pagan aim to assert the highest standard of diligence in all of their investigations. Though resources may be limited due to lockdowns, the team uses their formal journalistic training to source reports from credible accounts across the nation.


We rely on the contributions of our members to keep our investigations running at full speed. Thanks to your support, we are working to gain access to public records, paranormal academic lecturers, and becoming full-time podcasters.


The Revelator Podcast Network aims to spread love. As a result, we do not tolerate any kind of homophobia, transphobia, racism, alt-right, or other damaging views from our hosts, guests, and listeners. 

We strive to make this a place where people of diverse backgrounds can gather. 



The Revelator Podcast Network hosts the Chaos and Shadow podcast, blog, and occult shop in addition to Kyle's Valheim Bulletin, Kyle's Communist Book Club, and Stellaris Emergency Broadcast. 

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Our Team

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Kyle Dempster

Hi, my name is Kyle. I started the Revelator Podcast Network in 2020 when I became unemployed due to the COVID pandemic. I had been working as a full-time broadcaster and podcaster in years prior, so with the hardware and knowledge, I set to task building a platform for our listeners to interact with their favorite podcasts and hosts! Creating a grouping of podcasts was always my dream, so it is thanks to you, fellow weirdos, that we've been so successful at it!

As for why the paranormal? I grew up in a haunted house built in the 1800s in Western Pennsylvania. Pennsyltucky has a history for being notoriously haunted from French & Indian War battlefields to plague body dumps, our area introduced you to things that go bump in the night the hard way. ​


Now based in the RPN Haunted HQ, we host weekly seances on Twitch and invite personalities from all over the paranormal community to help us channel entities and improve our ESP skills!

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Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

My name is Brittany Adkins but everyone calls me Pagan. I am an author, artist, hedgewitch, psychic medium, and paranormal researcher. I have done a lot in my life and plan to do much more.

The paranormal has been one of the most prominent life-bloods of my interests for the majority of my life. It has tethers to so many aspects of my work, from writing to art to working with the spirits in witchcraft. In the past couple of years, I have worked to help people through witchcraft and mediumship. I now incorporate that into the field of paranormal research. 

I live on a farm with my husband, two kids, and our two dogs. In addition to raising a family, I run an art and occult business, Walk The Hedge. 

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Louie Dempster

My name is Louie, and you may know me as the cuddle-monster in the background of the streams. You feed me, I love you. 

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I’m Michael J. Schwarz, I offer writing advice and podcast under the name Starke. I have an eclectic background, including two degrees (an Associates in Computer Programming and a Bachelors in Political Science), as well as being a former Eagle Scout. Since 2013, I’ve co-authored How To Fight Write, originally a Tumblr blog, with a focus on discussing violence from a technical perspective.

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